Syrik: The Flames of War

The Aqueous Well
Session 8/10/17

Session 8/10/17

The party returned to Casablanca to find that the gates were in a sort of lock-down, as one of the guards suspected that one of the farmers was attempting to smuggling something into the city, the party intervened and found out that the farmer was indeed attempting to smuggle a man into the city. The guy is a mercenary who slept with the magistrates wife, and was caught in the act, he had a bounty wanted dead or alive hence his wanting to be smuggled.

The man who was smuggling the mercenary told the party of a dungeon he and the mercenary were going to raid, as it was pretty good pay (enough for the mercenary to want to come into a city where he’s wanted dead). They marked it on your map.

The party told him they could fix his issue, but they used intimidate to do so, so he followed along (cowed as he was) to the magistrate’s home. You guys enlisted him into the army dropped the bounty set by the magistrate, as the magistrate believes he would not survive the war (the mercenary was smiling because he knew he would—being a lucky bastard).

The group told the magistrate of the war with the draconians, of the aid that you’ve provided to the country (killing Ilenkosi, killing that daemon, killing a dragon, killing the gnolls, etc.) He was flabbergasted and thought you guys must be demigods due to all of that stuff, but he agreed to join the war with the draconians, and also warned of the two super military nations up north are going to war, at which point the party decided to head up there to stop the war and enlist them into the Kiekan Coalition.

Before heading up there though, the party traveled to the dungeon mentioned by the mercenary, and detected a well, 5 miles beneath the surface, directly beneath the entrance to the dungeon. (they found that out via traveling in each direction (including into the sky), before losing the spidey sense). They decide to hit the dungeon on the way back and started marching to a well of power that they knew of, traveling further northeast to the Karkloof Forest, to a well surrounded by a crystal clear pond with a small waterfall of water providing for it, it had no streams or what not leaving the pond.

The party noticed a strange creature in the water, a beautiful woman, strange of appearance though, she had the physical build of a human, but her skin was blue, and her hair was made of feathers. The party attempted to greet the creature in Kiek, but that spooked her, and she hid beneath the water. As the party was trying to figure out which language she would not be spooked by, she sneakily poked her head out of the water, and launched herself upon the waters surface, where she attempted to blind the intruders with her beauty, blinding Tumelo, but no one else. The party attempted Aquan, but that failed, so TITANUS attempted Sylvan, and she understood.

Hostilities gone, due the another fey creature traveling with the party (TITANUS), she told them of how she is the well-keeper of this well, informed Reeve of a couple things relating to his being a well-keeper, told of a couple well-keepers names, one of which was Silass, and then when asked if she needed any aid, she told of the well-keeper deep beneath the surface, whom she normally communicates with, he has not spoken with her in months and she is worried. The party agrees to investigate, they travel back to town to get supplies before heading down that dungeon where the well-keeper lies.

On the way back to down, while traveling through a swamp, the party is attacked by a group of Draconian assassins, they knock unconscious two of the party, but fail to deliver an appropriate attack, and as such flee the battlefield.

The party travels back to the city a lot slower now, with their needing to up their watches and increase defenses rather than speed.

The party returns to the city without any additional encounters.

The Plagued City of Mpucuko
Session 2/23/17

After the zombies busted through the west and east doors, you killed them off, and left via the back entrance, traveling through alleyways and the like you guys hit a major road filled with hoards of zombies, barely beating the stealth skill challenge, you continue traveling after the zombie hoard heads SW towards the soldiers you left behind.

Reaching the main gatehouse to the district known as “Divine’s Gift”, you encounter six more hoards of zombies, deciding to by-pass them you fly up the wall, tie a rope and have the others climb up with you, no guards inside the guard house noticed.

On the other-side of the wall you are safe from the zombies, you split ways with the lieutenant as he heads to check on the guard house guards, and to find his companions to aid in the mega dungeon delving.

While you guys head north to the Saharan Tower (the mage’s guild/temple to Sahar), Getting a meeting with the guild-master, you tell him of what you’ve all encountered so far, of the plans of the Draconians, and of the disease possibly being caused by something in the mega-dungeon.

You give him the Grick organs so that he may complete the “cure”, after which he checks the group up to see if any are diseased, due to most of you being covered in gore, he finds that you are diseased, and gives you the first dose of his “cure”, he warns that with how this plague works that it will cure you, but in a couple days the disease will come back due to its magical nature. He then crafts the group a “bomb” that you are told to activate upon the cause of the disease, and gives each of you five potions of this “cure”, in case you get infected or if your symptoms show up again.

You then spend the rest of the day purchasing gear for your upcoming dungeon delving, and are to set out with the lieutenant come the morning.


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