Character Creation

Base Creation

  • Character Questionnaire: Player’s should fill out the Character Questionnaire (download link) and send the filled out sheet to the DM.

The start date of the campaign is the 23rd of EyeNkanga (Nov), 5429 G.B (God’s Beginning)

  • Ability Score Generation: 32 pt. buy
  • Hit Points: HP at first level is maxed x 2. At every level thereafter it is rolled, re-rolling if under half.
  • Feats: are at: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 21st etc.
  • Ability increases: are at 4, 8, 11, 14, 18, 21 etc.
    • Ability increases: give 2 points to spend; these points can’t be spent on the same ability (at levels 11, 21 etc. all 6 abilities are increased by 1)
  • Traits: players start with one Profession Trait, and one Birth Trait, you may also choose two other Traits of your choice.
  • Races: races are limited to those listed on the Race wiki, there are no custom races allowed without a good reason for the race existing in the world.
  • Flaws and Drawbacks: player’s may take a Flaw in exchange for a Feat (Max 1), and/or a Drawback in exchange for a Trait (max 2).
  • Birthsign: player’s start with a Birthsign. (See GM for your birth-sign)
  • Luck: Player’s start with a luck score. (See GM for your score).
  • Skills and proficiency: we’re using the following changes of the skill system and proficiency.
  • Region: player’s must choose a starting region. (this has various trait-like benefits, grants a regional language, and shows which pantheon is native to the region.
  • Honor: Player’s must choose one honor path as their code of honor. Your starting honor is listed under the Honor rules. You can make your own honor code if you so desire (see DM).
  • Starting Gold: Player’s starting gold is based off of several different factors.
    • The first is the baseline gold given at 1st level of your Class, either taking the average, or having the DM roll for your gold. At higher levels you’d take the half of what’s listed on the Equipment Guide for your level.
    • This is then modified by the percentage increase/decrease given by your Birth and Profession traits. The percent adjustment given from your traits are combined, and then you adjust your starting gold; example a Noble Adventurer would have a 75% increase to their starting gold.
  • Introduction Questionnaire: Players should figure out how they came to be fleeing the village of Ebudja, and how they know each-other.

Other Character Creation Rules

  • Your Race may be somewhat restricted to the Ceirdanin Races, this is due to the inability to travel here for most regions, as most regions lack ocean-faring vessels.
    As always a good enough reason can ignore this restriction.
    Most all of the races are updated in some way from base pathfinder, so I suggest looking through the wiki, rather than the pfsrd.
  • Most all of the classes are updated in some way from base pathfinder, so I suggest looking through the media library? for their PDFs, rather than the pfsrd.
  • A lot of things, including character class, and equipment will be restricted by the Culture Level of your Region.
    • Eastern Kiek is CL 4 for weapons/armor, and CL 5 for classes
    • Western Kiek is CL 2 for weapons/armor, and CL 3 for classes
    • The CL of Dragothi would be CL 5 for weapons/armor, and CL 5 for classes.
  • It is difficult, or even impossible for most regions to interact with Kiek. A good backstory can counteract this issue for most regions that aren’t of Ceirdanin, but regions hidden by the Mist are locked (no character allowed for such regions).
  • The game will be starting as the party flees the destroyed village of Ebudja.
  • We’ll be using the following changes to magic.
  • The Perception skill is updated as listed in This PDF.

Quick Links
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(Note on Homebrew Stuff)
Any approved Homebrew class/feat/spell/etc may be changed mid-game.

Level Adjustment
Example of LA: LA+1 characters require XP as if they were a level higher to level up (1st-level would be: 0/5000 xp (if using Medium xp)); you can never be reduced in level when buying off LA.

LA Buyoff
This is the base xp cost to buy off LA, this is doubled if using the Slow Track, or halved if using the Fast Track.

  • +1: 3,000xp. | Total of 3,000xp.
  • +2: 5,000xp, 3,000xp. | Total of 8,000xp.
  • +3: 8,000xp, 5,000xp, 3,000xp | Total of 16,000xp.
  • +4: 12,000xp, 8,000xp, 5,000xp, 3,000xp | Total of 28,000xp.
  • +5: 17,000xp, 12,000xp, 8,000xp, 5,000xp, 3,000xp | Total of 45,000xp.
  • Etc…

Character Creation

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