Djanti Well of Kombuso


Anarchic Shift (Su): As a standard action you may shapeshift yourself, changing your form for 1/hour per HD you’ve attained. You may dismiss your shapeshift as a free action. Shapeshifting may be used a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier, and uses the following rules:

  • Anarchic Shift is a polymorph effect, any spells or the like that are limited or enhanced by polymorph effects can affect this. This polymorph effect can change your form to any kind of humanoid creature, and at later levels can give you different options to shift to. You are a generic looking creature of your chosen race, you cannot look like a specific individual without a specific anarchic warp.
  • Anarchic Shift grants the possessor of this power a number of anarchy points equal to 3 + their HD that they may use to apply anarchic warps to themselves when shapeshifted. These points are used like an eidolons evolution points.
    Anarchic Warps
    Act as the eidolons evolution pool. You follow all rules as an eidolon, except that you ignore form requirements, so you can take pounce even if you’re not a quadruped.

If this power is buffed by a well-keeper, all numerical bonuses are increased by one-half of their base value, all damage dice are increased by one step, and all movement speed increasing evolutions are increased by half.
Should you already possess an attack granted by an evolution you take, you instead increase the damage by one step, this is in addition to the above increase.
If you take the Poison evolution the DC is increased as if you had the poison use quality.
The Weapon Training evolution instead grants you a +2 bonus to attack rolls with a weapon of your choice.


Djanti Well of Kombuso

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